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Windows Server 2008 Problems: recvfrom returns 10052; Everyone gets kicked out
Topic Started: Jul 26 2012, 09:45 PM (4,937 Views)

Started after updating to beta for stats on halo rank....

will be playing along fine and everyone gets kicked out and the console shows error - "recvfrom failed with code 10052"

When this happens the entire console window stops scrolling... it freezes at the error line and does not continue to update showing the normal "dedicated server is running on map xxx (0x16 players)" etc etc.

This is Halo PC

sv_version - 12.8.0

Server platform is my own hosted server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 and all applicable updates.

I can still issue commands at the console so it isn't an actual crash I don't guess.... If I execute sv_map and begin the mapcycle again it resumes normal operation and people can join in again but not until then.

Not sure if it is relevant or not but prior to moving to the beta version on 11.9.1 it would periodically lock up as well. No errors, screen still scrolled the usual messages of dedicated server ...etc .etc but server would not show up in the public list, could not join via direct IP... it was like it stopped listening entirely. Executing sv_map from that state would not kick off normal operation and the haloded.exe process had to be killed off then restarted.

If this should go over to the bugs forum let me know and I will move it since there doesn't seem to be an actual crash of the server process itself it may not really belong here.

Edited by admin, Jul 27 2012, 02:56 PM.
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I hope "sv_blockicmp true" will solve the issue. If it does it will be enabled by default in future versions. If it doesn't solve the issue I'll have to redesign certain parts of Gandanur.
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the only solution I found with using this mod was to downgrade to windows server 2003 x86/x64 both work fine
try to downgrade your os on the server
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