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Read Before Submitting A Crash; Guidlines on how to submit a crash
Topic Started: Jul 23 2012, 12:25 PM (1,398 Views)
When reporting a blog please use the following structure.

1. Server Information

  • Is it a haloPC or haloCE server?
  • Provide the output of the commands sv_version and sv_os.
  • Indicate whether it's hosted on a rented server or if you are running it on your own computer.
  • If you are using other mods or modifications to the server please list them as well.

2. Crash Information

  • Describe the crash. Tell what you were trying to do. Did an error screen show up? Which message did you get, a "game closed down" or "connection to server lost" or another? Were you using RCON or directly entering commands in the console? Or using Remote Control?
  • Provide a list of actions that reproduce the crash. So basically say what I have to do in order to crash the server myself. This may be difficult to find for some crashes but it's the MOST useful information you can give!
  • If you think it's relevant or helpfull include any logfiles you want. Don't copy & paste them directly into your post! Too much text in a post will make the thread difficult to read. Use a web service like http://pastebin.com/ or upload it somewhere.
  • Include the crash dump file. This file is named crashdump.dmp.gz or crashdump.dmp and will be located next the halo(ce)ded.exe after a crash. Try to compress the file using winzip and upload it to http://www.mediafire.com/ or similar.

3. Additional Information

Provide any additional information that could be related to the crash. Something special you were trying at the time? How many times has the crash occured? Other information?
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